Lynx parents and Leaders are encouraged to access the Student/Parent Handbook for quick answers on a variety of topics, including attendance, academics, policies & procedures, and discipline.

Research tells us again and again that the most accurate predictor of a child’s success in school is the degree to which a child’s parents have exhibited three qualities:

1) High Expectations For Academic Achievement

We need you to make sure that they are doing their homework. Every child is given an agenda that contains daily homework assignments. Please go over their assignments with them every night to make sure their homework is being completed.

2) A Home Environment That Encourages Learning

It is essential that we have your support. We need to make sure that your child is eating healthy at home, getting sufficient sleep, and coming to school on time. Your child needs a safe place to study, free of interruptions from the television, video games, and sibling disruptions.

3) Parental Involvement in School and Local Community

Additionally, every guardian has access to their child’s grades and the results of every class assignment via the Internet through Powerschool. Please learn how to access these grades and view them weekly on the Internet. We also need to you be aware of your child’s grades. Please review and sign your child’s newsletter provided each week.

Click the link below to access this handbook: