Expectations of Students

At Butler College Prep, we are dedicated to providing our Leaders with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that ensures success in college and beyond.  Our Leaders are expected to adhere to a philosophy of Scholarship, Discipline, and Honor called The Noble Way. Our Leaders are expected to:

  • Be Leaders for Butler College Prep
  • Arrive to class on time with all materials
  • Act “SMART”
    • Sit up straight.
    • Maintain eye contact.
    • Articulate your thoughts.
    • Respond appropriately.
    • Track your teacher
  • Work diligently and do homework nightly
  • Exhibit self-control and discipline in and out of school
  • Participate in before-school or after-school tutoring sessions if necessary
  • Participate in community service activities
  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct
  • Follow the student dress code
  • Work on improving or maintaining health and physical fitness
  • Help maintain the school building by keeping it clean and participating in clean-up activities
  • Serve all detentions or suspensions that are earned
  • Treat Butler faculty, staff, and other Leaders with respect
  • Accept responsibility for their behavior

We believe these guidelines provide the framework for a well-rounded person who will not only excel academically but develop critical interpersonal skills. A well-rounded student should embrace the arts, physical fitness, and other forms of creative expression.

Please reference the Parent/Student Handbook for more specific guidelines and expectations.