Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities provide a setting to become involved and interact with other Leaders leading to increased learning and enhanced development. These activities support the development of the well-rounded individual. NBCP scholars are required to meeting the following enrichment promotion requirements to be promoted to the next grade level.

NBCP Promotion: All Leaders must earn a minimum of one (1.0) enrichment credit in order to graduate (100 hours).  A minimum of 25 hours of class time or study time is needed for each trimester (.25) credit.  Enrichment credit for sports participation is limited to .25 enrichment credits per season and 1 total sports enrichment credit per student.

  • To be promoted to a sophomore: 0.25 total enrichment credit
  • To be promoted to a junior: 0.50 total enrichment credit
  • To be promoted to a senior: 0.75 total enrichment credit
  • To graduate: 1.0 total enrichment credits

Goals for Enrichment:

  • Provide a variety of unique, educational classes for Leaders to participate in after school.
  • Communicate the importance of extracurricular involvement to Leaders. When NBCP Leaders apply to college, their extracurricular involvement will be a significant component of their application.
  • Participating in enrichment classes at NBCP is a great way for Leaders to learn about new subjects, demonstrate a passion and develop leadership skills.
  • Ensure that Leader participation remains consistent throughout the semester.